Your Septic Tank and the Environment

Protecting the environment is uppermost in our thoughts and actions today. You can do your part by operating your septic system in an environmentally friendly manner. How can you protect the environment? The answer lies in pumping frequency. It is important to remove sludge from your septic tank at regular intervals in order to maintain its effectiveness.

Proper Maintenance

Keeping your septic system properly maintained is crucial to the life span of your system. Many systems are ruined because inspection and maintenance have been "put off" until next year. Some people "put off" maintenance because they do not know the location of their tanks. We provide you with this service.

Some people feel that as long as the system is functioning, pumping is not required. Others feel that by putting additives in their tanks, pumping can be delayed.

Remove digested sludge on a regular basis to ensure the life of your tile bed. Check baffles to ensure that solids are prevented from entering the tile bed. Keep pumping frequency to three years or less, depending on your individual situation.