Our Company Profile

In 1977 came a point of decision in a young entrepreneur’s life. With a young family and a secure job Jim Aitkin took the chance by purchasing this small business from a family member. Working at both jobs for some time Jim was able to then concentrate full time on the pumping industry with the help of his wife Joyce.

Over the years Jim was able to grow his endeavor greatly from its part time initiation to its current success. Keeping up with the times by purchasing new equipment to stay competitive, the business has grown from a one truck start to present day where we have two full size tankers and a portable pumping truck plus select excavating equipment to provide minor repairs and service to your system’s needs in the best way possible.

In the early 90’s Paul joined the team full time allowing Jim to concentrate on office duties and customer base, and working further with O.A.S.I.S., an association that brings together all of Ontario’s sewage industry services. This helps us to keep striving for new and better technologies, to better serve our customers and environmental concerns.


Jim spent countless hours and many years with the O.A.S.I.S. board including a term as Vice President and President of the association. He has also been involved with, and continues to be involved with, several committees which work to improve all aspects of our industry, on a provincial level. Another challenge has been working with the Canadian Standards Association setting standards for Canada regarding septic tanks and onsite systems. Rankin’s is a Charter and current member of the Flamborough Chamber of Commerce, for whom Jim served many years on the Board of Directors. Locally he has also worked diligently on the environmental and conservation needs of our home area by volunteering on paths and trailways, and wetland conservation committees to protect the natural areas and enhance it for our growing population to enjoy and use for recreation.

Portable toilet rental was also phased in as the need for on site washrooms in our farming and construction community was evident. We also found they were an asset to people who were having outdoor weekend get togethers.

In the years to follow Paul was discovering that the aging systems in our area were in need of maintenance. Through research he adapted a method of flushing tile lines to clear the biomat that forms over the years, impeding the efficient operation of the system. The success of this process encouraged us to purchase small excavating equipment in 2008 to improve efficiency to our customer needs.

In 2007 after several years of helping out on a part time basis, Chris joined the team on a full time basis to help with the growing needs of the business. In 2008 he was nominated to the O.A.S.I.S. Board of Directors when Jim stepped down after many years of dedicated service to the board and its members.

To meet the needs of our community, we have also provided for several years now, system inspections for people who have concerns with the operation and efficiency of their septic systems, as well as for real estate and mortgage companies for completion of sales. Jim and Chris have both successfully passed the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing exam for the installation of new systems.

We at Rankin’s have been providing the Flamborough, and Halton region with service for over 40 years now. We are fortunate to see many familiar faces every 2 ½ to 3 years as we service their systems, and new faces on a regular basis as well as our community continues to grow and develop. We have enjoyed providing service for all of you and will strive to meet all your needs in the future, growing with the industry and its requirements.

We would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to all of you for your helping hand in making us what we are today, we couldn’t have done it without you!